Huellas Natural Spa is a health center where you can still find traces of ancestral techniques used in massages and body treatments. Period in which priority was given to nature.

This is the reason why we have focused on using products that the love of mother earth that offers us every day; Flowers, fruits, aromas, colors, sound, all of this enclosed in a circle of passion and respect that we place in our services. After your treatment enjoy a delicious tea or mineral water.

Huellas Natural Spa in Baños invites you to be part of the magical power of this experience.

Remember that we accept payment with a Credit Card.


    1. Massages
    2. Exfoliations
    3. Facials
    4. Jacuzzi
    5. Chocotherapy
    6. Geotherapy
    7. Drawer baths
    8. Waxing


    1. Personal attention
    2. Targeted treatments
    3. Low cost packages
    4. Relaxation
    5. Body wellbeing



    1. Massage Mother Earth 1: It is the combination of different massage techniques and taking the best of each one of them make this the best. One hour: Whole body $ 25/30 minutes: only back $ 15
    2. Massage Earth Mother 2: Treat yourself as a King or a Queen. The experience and skill of two therapists give your body an unimaginable massage. One hour: whole body $ 45/30 minutes only back $ 35
    3. Foot Massage: "When the shoe is comfortable you forget your feet". (Osho) Reflexology is the technique that uses pressure at the reflex points to relieve tension. 30 minutes $ 15
    4. Massage with hot stones: Geothermal therapy allows combining therapeutic massage with the use of hot stones, placing these in the points that are said (chakras). So getting the energy to flow properly. One hour: whole body $ 30

    Treatments and Therapies


    1. Magical Hug with Magic Clay: Give more life to your years and more years to your life Detoxifying and cleansing your body with warm clay from the valley of longevity. One hour _ whole body $ 25
    2. Natural Facials: Feel the caress of nature. 45 minutes $ 15
    3. Manicure $ 10
    4. Pedicure $ 12: Includes deep cleansing, exfoliation and painting. 45 minutes approximately

    Jacuzzi / Bathrooms

    1. Rose caress bath: Hot water, rose petals by candlelight, a romantic experience, Includes tea coffee or mineral water. One person 45 minutes $ 20 / Couples 45 minutes $ 30
    2. Cleopatra's Jacuzzi: Pressure of hot water with milk and coconut essence softens your skin. Includes hot tea, coffee or mineral water One person 45 minutes $ 20 / Couples 45 minutes $ 30
    3. Jacuzzi, aroma therapy and bubbles: A romantic moment in the light of candles and wrapped in its aroma. Includes hot tea, coffee or mineral water One person 45 minutes $ 20 / Couple 45 minutes $ 25



    Benefits: Stimulates the senses, moisturizes, nourishes and gives elasticity to the skin, increases blood and lymphatic circulation, is relaxing and produces a general well-being. One hour - Whole body $ 25 


    With the combination of ash, honey and mineral salts we perform a friction on your skin to help remove all dead cells returning the softness and natural shine. Make your selection 

    1. Volcanic Eruption $ 20 - Volcanic ash with mineral salts.
    2. Sweet Planet $ 20 - With Honey and Sugar
    3. Ritmo del mar $ 20 - With coconut milk and more
    4. Exotic experience $ 25 - Sweet spices with Champagne
    5. Scent pa $ 25 - Ground coffee with sugar and essences


    1. Arms 30 (min.) $ 10
    2. Brasilia 45 (min.) $ 20
    3. Bikini 45 (min.) $ 15
    4. Whole leg 45 (min.) $ 20
    5. Half leg 30 (min.) $ 10
    6. Underarms 20 (min.) $ 5
    7. Eyebrows 15 (min.) $ 5
    8. Mustache or cheeks 15 (min.) $ 5
    9. Back 45 (min.) $ 20


    Benefits: Apart from helping in the detoxification of your body, it will help relieve internal heat in case of muscular inflammations. Combination of clay with drawer bath Whole body 1 ½ hour $ 20

     Drawer baths

    Benefits: Help detoxify, reduce inflammation of your body, excellent for blood circulation. Includes: Facial scrub or mud mascara application, plant extract and pineapple juice. Duration 45 (minutes) $ 10.00

Business Hours

Monday 09H00 to 21H00

Tuesday 09H00 to 21H00

Wednesday 09H00 to 21H00

Thursday 09H00 to 21H00

Friday 09H00 to 21H00

Saturday 09H00 to 21H00

Sunday 09H00 to 21H00


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