Family Park in Baños de Agua Santa

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Family Park in Baños de Agua Santa

Family Park in Baños de Agua Santa

In Baños de Agua Santa family park is a place of healthy distraction ideal to share family moments

The Park of the family in Banos is a tourist area for family rest next to the nature in which develops a culture of integral and sustainable management of natural resources, offering numerous alternatives of distraction, learning interactive and the enjoyment of the beauty of the landscape.


It is located 180 km from Quito, at kilometer 5 1/2 of the via Puyo, just 10 minutes from the Centre of the city of Baños, networkable Agoyan parish Ulba in Baños de Agua Santa.

The Park has a surface of approximately 16 Hc; It is characterized by a pleasant climate, with an annual average temperature of 22 degrees centigrade and precipitation ranging from 2000 to 3000 mm per year.Its vegetation is typical of the life Bosque Siempre Verde Montao Bajo zone.This agro-ecological theme park is a sitioo ideal for living and breathing nature, visiting colorful trails and apreciendo biological diverisdad from every corner.

Areas of the Park:

Attention visitors

  • With an ample and secure parking
  • Mirador tourist information centre
  • To the reservoir of the dam Agoyan
  • Fair craft 

animal breeding

  • Aquarium
  • animal minor
  • birding
  • Mini camping

farm agro-ecological

  • Centre interpretation Agroecológico
  • nursery demonstrative
  • terraces of subtropical crops
  • breeding of trout
  • room training


  • Puente Santa Rosa
  • spaces Greens
  • Area picnic

Ecopaseo Agoyán

  • Mirador avocados Agoyan
  • forest dam reservoir and jigachos

Park "La Cienega"

  • the project of rehabilitation of the sixth area: Park "La Ciénega",advances.


  • parking with security guard
  • Gianza specialized groups
  • agroecological fair
  • craft fair
  • Camping / picnic -
  • nursing


  • From Wednesday to Friday from 10 h 00 to 18 h 00, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from 8 h 00 to 18 h 00


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