Spas in Baños de Agua Santa

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Spas in Baños de Agua Santa

Spas in Baños de Agua Santa

Baños de Agua Santa gives you the best places so that you can rest, relax and enjoy its magical waters

Spa Santa Clara or Crab Spa

Santa Clara in Baños de Agua Santa, also known as El Cangrejo, include 2 outdoor pools, thermal pools that flow from the source of Santa Clara and the swimming pool Santa Clara semi-Olympic in Banos of Agua Santa, is new renovated spacious facilities, so tourists can enjoy a comfortable atmosphere.

It is one of the first pools which were inaugurated in Baños de Agua Santa, its construction in April 1933 is an icon of tradition of the banenos visit this place.

Location Spa Santa Clara

Santa Clara this spa located to the South East of the city of Baños de Agua Santa, in the Santa Clara Street 100 metres by the Montalvo Street.

Attention Spa Santa Clara

  • From Monday to Friday: 14 H 00 to 21 H 30
  • Saturday, Sunday and holidays 10 H 00 to 21 H 30

Rates for spa Santa Clara

  • Adults: $4.00
  • Children and seniors: $2.00

Termas of the Salado

Salado Termals formed by thermal pools sulphates, which are at different temperatures.. pools with hot water and polar pool, which go down by the Tungurahua volcano.

The hot mineral springs comes from the bottom of coats land and possess a very high temperature, but when these flow to the surface temperature is around the 22°C.This type of springs provides relief for muscle pain and joint is serves as a natural analgesic, this is one of the benefits of the hot springs of Salado.

How to get to the Termas the Salado.?

Salting is located 2Km.from Baños de Agua Santa, by the avenida El Salado 1 km.of the road which is close to the Centre of Ambato.Address: Avenida El Salado

Opening hours in the Termas Of Salado

  • Monday to Sunday 05 h 00 to 16 h 00
  • Monday to Sunday 18 h 00 to 20 h 00

Rates of the Termas of Salado

  • adults: $3.00
  • children: $1.50

Hot Springs of Virgin

Hot Springs of Virgin a place to relax and enjoy the benefits of the thermal waters for the benefit of health.Baños de Agua Santa is this complex, considered the largest in the country, similar to the Termas del Salado has sulfated thermal waters in its pools, and each of them are different temperatures, they have a set of 8 pools thermal in your firstThe Virgin of Las  level and has two recreational pools on the second level.

Not so long ago that baths of Virgin renewed its facilities so that tourists can enjoy this space where the Virgin spa can relax provides a recreational area so that visitors can enjoy the Spa, the privileged location means that there are several visitors accessing the site.

You can also swim at the foot of the waterfall of the Virgin, surrounded by nature where you can breathe fresh air.

How to get to the hot springs of the Virgin.?

It is located in the Centre of the city of Banos de Agua Santa and beneath the fall of the waterfall Virgin. Address: Luis A.Martínez and Manuel Sanchez

Opening Ours of the Termas de la Virgen

  • Wednesday to Friday 14 h 00 to 20 h 30 
  • Saturdays, Sundays and holidays 10 h 00 to 20 h 30

Rates of the hot springs of the Virgin

  • Adults: $6.00
  • Children and seniors: $3.00

Termas Santa Ana

Termas de Santa Ana comes its name from the Tungurahua volcano, it has a set of pools sulphated, with wide variety of temperatures that tourists may choose from hot to polar that it descends from the Tungurahua volcano.

How to reach the Termas Santa Ana?

Amazonas Avenue, sector Santa Ana Km 0 Via to Puyo.

Opening hours of  Termas of Santa Ana

Friday to Sunday: 09 H 00-16 H 00

Rates theTermas of Santa Ana 

  • Adults: $2.00
  • Children and seniors: $1.00

Recommendations for the use of spas in Banos of Agua Santa 

  • Mandatory the use of swimwear (Cap of you) (the and swimsuit).
  • Bring towels and sandals for personal use

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