Treehouse in Banos de Agua Santa

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Treehouse in Banos de Agua Santa

Treehouse in Banos de Agua Santa

and the End of the World Swing in Baños de Agua Santa

Within the amalgam of tourist attractions that the canton Baños de Agua Santa offers visitors one has become an obligatory stop on the itinerary of the thousands of people who visit year after year. It is fascinating and charming tree house, a small wooden building mounted on a giant tree.

The site allows adventurers enjoy unforgettable, amazing and direct views of the crater, cone, skirts, ravines, gorges and behavior of the Tungurahua volcano. This is because just located in front of the western flank of the colossus, on a small hill, just 2.5 kilometers in a straight line from the top of the mountain.

Views unforgettable Because the tree that holds the nice white house is planted on the edge of a ravine, there is a swing of over 7 meters high at its largest branch. The daring tourists who dare to climb and swing on the rock ensure they enjoy a unique and amazing every time they swing on the deep ravine experience. "I will never forget the sensation of flying over the mountain that is experienced when climbing this rocker," says Jorge Bustamante, an Argentine tourist. Ideal for photos and meditation

Similarly, those who dare to climb to one of the 2 floors of the tiny house, takes the opportunity to take pictures, look at the big picture, meditate or just feel the cold wind in the face, since at this point the air runs hard and at temperatures of 5 and 9 degrees Celsius. "When the day is clear, you can see the volcano in all its glory.

With the help of binoculars you can see even inside the crater, as seen from this angle the top of the massif has a slight inclination and portray lets look inside, "says Lourdes Benitez, quiteña tourist. Even on cloudy days visiting the place possible, as there is an ecological walk around the property, which you can walk guided by a rope enabled for this purpose.

Monitoring Station This place collocated with Windows Monitoring Station, built in 1999 when he started the last eruptive process of Tungurahua volcano. There, Carlos Sanchez, lookout station, daily analyzes the behavior of the colossus and also welcomes and advises the intrepid and curious tourists coming. "This place is 100% safe. You can even camp, as being at the top of a hill, there are descendants places sheltered from the wind, "says Sanchez.

To access the place where is this unique house should follow the path that leads to Runtún. Admission is free for 365 days.

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