We are a family group us together to protect the environment, for this reason we have created a tourism project to support the needs and interests of each of the families that make up this group and Puntzan Canopy arises.

Formerly we dedicated to agriculture, but because we are in a privileged position we have taken this step to publicize other parts of Bathrooms (Province of Tungurahua) that are not known, and that the community of San Antonio has more than a livelihood for its inhabitants because we generate sources of work where we all benefit directly or indirectly.

Our guides have ongoing training to provide our customers greater security to this sport.

• The closest thing to Fly, Glide through the air via a cable.

• Take advantage of biodiversity, which has Puntzán Canopy.

• Feel the adrenaline, the rush between two mountains held by a harness and in turn pushed by wind and gravity.

• Arborismo, is an activity that is slipping on zip lines, climbing ropes or climbing nets are hung in trees.

• Opening of our restaurant, where we will offer national and international food.


A journey of more than 2000 meters long, to enjoy different environments and ways of doing Canopy, you can enjoy the style of superman, bat sitting. And an unforgettable experience.


    • Canopy.
    • Sport fishing.
    • Restaurant
    • cayoning
    • hostel


    • Photograph.
    • Parking.
    • Transport.
    • Briefings.


    20USD per pax zip line

    25usd per pax cayoning

    15 usd per pax hostel

Business Hours

Monday to Friday: 9h00 to 16h30 / holidays: 08h00 to 16h30


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