We are making travel dreams of flying in our canopy addition to passing on our tarabita actually using the Pastaza River.


The Canoping or Canopy is an extreme sport that involves moving a tree to another hanging from a steel cable, which are outlined in the woods with the help of a harness belt and pulley. This activity is recommended for those who like to feel in contact with nature accompanied by adrenaline and vertigo.


    • Tarabita
    • Canoping
    • Swing


    • Whereabouts
    • Photograph and video
    • Overlooking the waterfall Agoyan
    • Restauran
    • Sport Fishing


    • Cable car 2 usd
    • Canopy and back in cable car 10 usd
    • Canopy ida and vulta 15 usd
    • Pendulum 3 usd
    • Tours to the Inca ruins in the Park Los Llanganates. 

Business Hours

7am to 18pm


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